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Hyosung Chemical carries out activities for biodiversity preservation jointly with Cheongju Zoo

Tue Oct 25 11:29:48 KST 2022

On October 24, Hyosung Chemical started carrying out biodiversity preservation activities through Animal Behavioral Enrichment jointly with Cheongju Zoo, a wildlife conservation institution outside habitats. 

A ″wildlife conservation institution outside habitats″ is designated by the Ministry of Environment for the systematic preservation and breeding of animal species protected nationally and whose preservation outside habitats is difficult. Cheongju Zoo was designated as one in 2014 for the protection and preservation of 18 species including cranes, wildcats, and Asiatic black bears.

Employees at the Hyosung Chemical′s Oksan Factory, who took part in said event, engaged in Animal Behavioral Enrichment activities designed to help the zoo animals carry out feeding and other activities as they normally do in the wild. Their activities included providing snacks made of pumpkin mixed with nuts and fruits to Asiatic black bears, which have excellent sense of smell, encouraging them to engage in activities briskly and providing grass-eating animals with balls made of kudzu stalks to help them engage in play and feeding activities. They expect such activities to help the animals outside their habitats enhance their physical/psychological health along with their breeding. 

 ″Ecological restoration is a matter related to the future generation′s existence. We′ll continue to carry out activities like this,″ Hyosung Chemical CEO Lee Kun-jong said.  

Last April, Hyosung Chemical carried out a plogging campaign at Banpo Riverside Park, Seoul as part of the effort to cope with climate change. It strives to have employees reminded of the importance of biodiversity and plans to carry out biodiversity preservation activities as often as possible, while striving to expand ESG management.