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Galaxia Metaverse introduces the country's first officetel NFT jointly with Hyosung Heavy Industries

Fri Mar 25 13:22:20 KST 2022

Galaxia Metaverse (CEO Ko Kwang-rim), which specializes in block chain, said on March 25 that it will issue NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) related to officetel slated to be sold and carry out an airdrop event jointly with Hyosung Heavy Industry (CEO Yang Dong-gi).

Galaxia Metaverse plans to provide a special customer service through NFT airdrop concerning the sale of the officetel to be built by Hyosung Heavy Industry in Cheongdam-dong and Seocho-dong, Seoul. Hyosung Heavy Industry has played a leading role in trends of residential culture through differentiated customer services.

So far, NFTs issued for buildings and other real estates have been in the form of virtual buildings and real estates in metaverse only. The NFT airdrop of The APOGEE Cheongdam and The Opera Seocho Harrington Tower built by Hyosung Heavy Industry is recognized as the first case of issuance of NFTs concerning real officetels in the country. Said arrangement is expected to live up to expectations for the earlier completion of sale of the officetels and enhance the value of the differentiated, rare NFTs.

Those interested can take part in the country′s first NFT airdrop event through Metagalaxia′s homepage starting March 25. Hyosung Heavy Industry is to provide diverse benefits including provision of news on the sale to the NFT owners.

 ″It is the first significant case where NFTs playing the role of a digital certified copy of the register are being issued for real buildings. We plan to provide services infusing block chain technology into diverse sectors like real estate-based STO and metaverse platform-based model houses, etc.,″ a Galaxia Metaverse official said, commenting on the matter. 

As a subsidiary of Galaxia Money Tree specializing in fintech NFT, Galaxia Metaverse has launched the platform Meta Galaxia, and it also owns more IPs than any other domestic NFT platforms. In addition, it issues differentiated NFTs linked with real goods or offline events like resort memberships, professional golf rounding memberships, etc.