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VP Kim Chi-Hyung and VP Lee Kun-Jong Appointed CEO of Hyosung TNC and Hyosung Advanced Materials, Respectively

Wed Jan 12 15:33:55 KST 2022

On January 12, Hyosung Group announced that it had appointed VP Kim Chi-Hyung (61) and VP Lee Kun-Jong (65) the CEO of Hyosung TNC and Hyosung Advanced Materials, respectively.
The new CEO of Hyosung TNC, Kim Chi-Hyung, graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Seoul National University and joined the Hyosung Technology R&D Center in 1983. Subsequently, serving as the general manager of Anyang plant and Gumi plant and the head of the spandex PU, he contributed to the growth of the company′s spandex business. Most notably, while leading Hyosung Vietnam and Hyosung Dong Nai, he greatly contributed to developing Vietnam into the company′s major global production base. At the end of last year, he was awarded the ′Hyosung Person of the Year Award′ for leading the stable operation of the company′s factories in Vietnam through rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Lee Kun-Jong, the newly appointed CEO of Hyosung Advanced Materials, will concurrently serve as Hyosung Chemical′s CEO, too. He is a chief technology officer (CTO) specializing in chemistry. After graduating from Konkuk University′s Department of Chemistry, he served as the head of Samsung Electronics′ LCD manufacturing center and the CEO of Wonik Materials before joining Hyosung Chemical in 2018 as the head of Neocham PU and serving as the CEO of the company starting in March 2020. Most notably, he successfully led the construction of a polypropylene plant in Vietnam as Hyosung Chemical′s first global production base in the midst of the global pandemic crisis.