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Hyosung Group's Regular Executive Promotion for 2022

Mon Jan 10 15:33:07 KST 2022

On January 10, Hyosung Group announced its executive promotion for 2022. 
Hyosung announced the promotion of a total of 39 people, including the promotion of Hyosung CEO Kim Kyoo-Young to the vice chairman of the holding company and Hyosung TNS vice president Sohn Hyun-Sik to the CEO of the company.
This year′s promotion was strictly based on merit. Top priority was placed on those who contributed to the company′s record-high performance despite the unstable economic environment caused by the prolonged COVID-19 crisis and those who realized customer value management based on the voice of the customer (VOC).
The new Vice Chairman Kim Kyoo-Young joined Tongyang Nylon (predecessor to Hyosung) in 1972 and has contributed to the growth of Hyosung for 50 years, serving as the general manager of the Eonyang plant, the CTO in textile division, the head of overall operations in China, and the CTO in tire reinforcement materials division. Most notably, he is an illustrative CTO that pioneered Hyosung′s project to localize spandex for the first time in Korea, leading Hyosung′s leap forward to the world′s No. 1 position in the company′s main business of spandex and tire cords. Since the transition to a holding company system in 2018, in particular, Vice Chairman Kim has contributed to the stabilization of the company′s operations at its helm. 
Hyosung TNS CEO Sohn Hyun-Sik is a professional business manager who has led the globalization of the company′s automated teller machine (ATM) business in the United States and Russia among others. Since joining Tongyang Nylon (currently Hyosung) in 1977, he has served as the general manager of Hyosung TNS′s Gumi plant and led the significant growth of the company′s financial business through record-high performance. He is evaluated to have laid the foundation for sustainable growth in various new business areas such as fintech.