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Hyosung provides support fund for barrier-free film production

Thu Nov 11 14:33:28 KST 2021

Hyosung provides support fund for barrier-free film production

Hyosung turned over 20 million won in support funds for the production of barrier-free films at the 11th Seoul Barrier-Free Film Festival opening ceremony.
Celebrating the 5th year of sponsorship by Hyosung this year, the project reproduces movies to enable the visual- or hearing-impaired to enjoy them without restrictions. With the sponsorship of Hyosung, nine barrier-free versions of steady-selling films, including Billy Elliot and Late Night Restaurant 2, have been produced so far. Moreover, as part of social contribution activities, Hyosung′s employees directly participated in dubbing the movie Dream Builder. They are changing the perception of barrier-free films by also donating their talents for the recording of audio intros for the movies Dream Builder and Moving on.
″I have been reading a lot of books to my four-year-old child instead of going out due to the COVID-19 pandemic and accepted the opportunity for dubbing. I am so happy to be able to understand barrier-free movies better,″ said a Hyosung employee who participated in the dubbing of Dream Builder. 
Hyosung is carrying out various sponsorship activities to create a society where people with disabilities can enjoy culture and art without restrictions. It has sponsored the Jamsil Creative Studio of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture to support the production and exhibition of 12 artists with disabilities and sponsored the Onnuri Sarang Chamber Orchestra to help in the music activities of students with developmental disabilities.