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Hyosung assists women on career interruptions' return to economic activities

Wed Aug 25 14:03:10 KST 2021

Hyosung said on August 25 that it will be donating 70 million won to the Jongno Women′s Human Resources Development Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, to support employment promotion programs for vulnerable women who have difficulty finding jobs again, including career-interrupted women and middle-aged women.
Hyosung has been assisting training programs for social welfare workers, child care teachers, and ERP logistics office managers at the Jongno Women′s Human Resources Development Center every year since 2013. About 240 women have landed jobs through the programs supported by Hyosung.
This year, about 30 people will participate in training programs for child care teachers and care workers for three months from August. After completion of the programs, Hyosung and the Center will fully support their job hunting by providing them regular job counseling, job information, and arrangement of jobs.
A Hyosung official said, "I hope our donation could be of whatever little help to those who participate in the job promotion program for the vulnerable women who have difficulty finding reemployment all the more because of the COVID-19 pandemic."
Under the slogan of a ′company helping beneficiaries develop their future on their own by providing education and sharing,′ Hyosung has been operating various social programs to assist job creation and social life for the vulnerable, including support for disabled artists′ activities and exhibitions, and improvement of facilities at workplaces for the heavily disabled.