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Hyosung TNC rolls out 'Mipan Regen Ocean' recycled from waste fishing nets

Wed May 12 16:10:34 KST 2021

Hyosung TNC rolls out Mipan Regen Ocean recycled from waste fishing nets

Hyosung TNC which had already been recycling transparent PET bottles will produce the nylon fiber "Mipan Regen Ocean" recycled from waste fishing nets.

□ Join hands with Busan Metropolitan Government, Netspa to produce ′Mipan Regen Ocean′ recycled from discarded fishing nets
Hyosung TNC signed an MOU with the Busan Metropolitan Government and Netspa, an eco-friendly social venture enterprise, on May 11 to build a system for a virtuous cycle of resources by collecting and recycling waste fishing nets into eco-friendly fiber.  The signing ceremony was attended by Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-joon, Hyosung TNC CEO Kim Yong-seup and Netspa CEO Chung Taek-soo.
The agreement was designed to contain pollution of marine ecosystem caused by discarded fishing nets and raise awareness of protecting marine environment.
Under the agreement, the Busan Metropolitan Government will work with local governments to establish a system that can separate and discharge waste fishing nets, while Netspa will be responsible for the pretreatment of shredding and washing the collected fishing nets. Hyosung TNC will recycle the pretreated fishing nets to produce the nylon fiber "Mipan Regen Ocean."
"Mipan Regen," developed by Hyosung in 2007, is the world′s first fiber recycled from discarded fishing nets. It is a nylon version of ′Regen′, a polyester fiber recycled from transparent PET bottles.
Until now, "Mipan Regen" has been made of nylon yarn or chips that were discarded during the production process because there were problems with the collection of waste fishing nets. The agreement paves the way for a stable supply of waste fishing nets, and Hyosung is launching "Mipan Regen Ocean" and will be producing it in earnest.
□  Hyosung to increase production volume of ′Mipan Regen Ocean′ by expanding investment in depolymerization facilities
On the occasion of the launch of ′Mipan Regen Ocean,′ Hyosung TNC will be expanding investment in depolymerization facilities. The depolymerization facilities improve the purity of raw materials by removing impurities from fishing nets when Hyosung TNC produces "Mipan Regen" with its own technology. 
Hyosung TNC plans to expand investment in depolymerization facilities by the end of this year to produce at least 150 tons of ′Mipan Regen′ per month.
Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon said, "Hyosung has been developing eco-friendly materials including polyester, nylon, and spandex by its own technology. "As an eco-friendly company, Hyosung, with a sense of responsibility, will continue to pay attention and make investment to build a system for a virtuous cycle of resources,″ he added.