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Hyosung TNC jointly with Andar introduces athletic leisure masks to the market.

Mon Sep 07 14:08:14 KST 2020

Hyosung TNC jointly with Andar introduces athletic leisure masks to the market.

Now, people can use athletic leisure masks fit for indoor and outdoor exercise and protect against COVID-19.
On September 7, Hyosung TNC announced that it has introduced face masks made from antimicrobial fabrics devoid of bad odors by Andar, which is a leading athletic leisure brand.
The masks which have been introduced to the market jointly by Hyosung TNC and Andar, allow you to breathe easier than with ordinary KF health masks. These masks include features such as being water proof, antimicrobial, and devoid of bad odors.
Andar is known as a domestic brand that has brought about a whirlwind of athletic leisure trending looks. It has engaged in a new marketing campaign with MAMAMOO, a new group of hotshot female singers, as their ′brand muse′.
The government recently made wearing a face mask obligatory for people mingling with others both indoors and outdoors. Thus, there has been an increasing demand for good quality face masks with an inherent function (blocking respiratory droplets) while being easy to breathe and display an individuals′ personality.
Andar has worked with Hyosung TNC on the development of materials used for the production of its products and uncovered functional materials made by Hyosung, which were fit for face masks.
Commenting on the matter, an Andar official said, ″Due to the spread of the pandemic, the demand for masks that can be worn conveniently in people′s everyday lives, including their workout sessions, have increased. We have come to collaborate with Hyosung TNC, known for its global, functional fabrics to make an environmentally-friendly, functional face mask.″
For the face masks introduced to the market this time, the following fabrics made by Hyosung TNC were applied: spandex Creora® Fresh odorless, and featuring flexibility Fresh and polyester Aerosilver with good antimicrobial functions. The face masks are being supplied in seven colors including black, rose, and pink. They are washable and reusable.
The fabrics made of Creora® Fresh are odorless, with neutralizing ammonia substances and reduces the pressure behind the ears thanks to spandex′s flexibility. Silver ion contained in Aerosilver functions as a defense against microbes.
Commenting on the matter, Hyosung TNC President Kim Yong-seop said, ″We will cope, flexibly with rapid changes in the market, with safe and convenient goods by listening to customer′s voices.″
 According to the Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry (KRIFI), the domestic athletic leisure look market, whose sales stood at about KRW 500 billion in 2008, passed the mark of KRW 2 trillion in 2018, and have grown to KRW 3 trillion this year. The current trend is increasing the demand for fashion masks, as well as matching an individuals′ personality and being effective against diseases. Burberry and the Korea Football Association (KFA) have also introduced their fashion masks to the market.