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Hyosung Chemical targets the construction market with eco-friendly material 'POKETONE'.

Thu Jun 25 09:03:01 KST 2020

Hyosung Chemical targets the construction market with eco-friendly material POKETONE.

Hyosung Chemical is targeting the construction market with POKETONE, its eco-friendly engineering plastic material, which was used to make a water meter last year and a watt-hour meter earlier this year.

□ Hyosung Chemical uses polyketone to produce a watt-hour meter for the first time in the country.
On June 22, 2020, Hyosung Chemical declared that the company had used polyketone to produce a watt-hour meter for the first time in Korea and launched its production.
Polyketone is a high-polymer, eco-friendly, low-carbon type of material made of carbon monoxide (a leading cause of atmospheric pollution). Hyosung Chemical succeeded in developing the material POKETONE for the first time in the world in 2013. Thanks to its high-impact strength and outstanding chemical and wear resistance compared to existing industrial materials, it is being widely used in diverse fields.
The watt-hour meter, jointly developed with ′Green Floor′, a measurement equipment manufacturer, has excellent flame retardancy and high-impact strength, i.e. more than twice as resistant to external shocks as existing materials, improving the durability of the product. If 10,000 existing watt-hour meters were replaced with 10,000 watt-hour meters made with polyketone material, it would have the effect of reducing carbon monoxide, the main cause of air pollution, by about 1,500kg.
Hyosung Chemical acquired an eco-friendly green certificate from the Ministry of Environment in August 2016 in recognition of the eco-friendliness of polyketone.

□ Hyosung Chemical supports small- and medium-sized affiliates to find a market.
In particular, Hyosung Chemical supports ′Green Floor′, a small client company that has developed the product together with Hyosung, to pioneer the market. Accordingly, Hyosung plans to supply watt-hour meters made with polyketone to major building sites run by Hyosung Heavy Industries, from November 2020. Furthermore, Hyosung has decided to continuously support the small affiliates to open up a market targeting other construction companies too.
In 2019, Hyosung Chemical, together with Samsung Measuring Co., developed a water meter made with polyketone and supplied 23,000 units to the Seoul Waterworks Authority. As the new water meter is 2.4 times more resistant to freezing and bursting pipes than existing products, it was well received as an eco-friendly high-strength building material by the Office of Waterworks. Hyosung has already received more than 100,000 pre-orders this year, and demand for the eco-friendly building material is continuously increasing.

□ Scope of application expanding to daily necessities.
The scope of application of polyketone is gradually expanding to everyday commodities such as food trays, golf tees and diverse leisure products.
From September 2019, Hyosung Chemical developed eco-friendly food trays made with polyketone together with the start-up company EGS, Global Korea and has been selling them. Recognized as a harmless product by the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), the polyketone food tray has excellent high solidity and outstanding wear resistance compared to existing plastic products, giving it a long lifespan, and sales are increasing sharply, especially for nursery facilities.
Furthermore, demand for golf tees made with polyketone is increasing thanks to their excellent strength and solid texture, compared to existing products. Since the product launch in 2019, more than 20,000 golf tees have been sold, attracting an increasing number of golf enthusiasts.
Hyosung Chemical′s CEO Lee Kun-jong said, ″POKETONE, a key material representing the eco-friendly plastic market, will become a next-generation eco-friendly material as its scope of application expands to engineering products, daily necessities, and leisure products as well as building materials.