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Hyosung ITX Pushes for 'Intelligent Customer Service Center Using'Chatbot'

Thu Jan 31 15:23:14 KST 2019

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Hyosung ITX Pushes for ‘Intelligent Customer Service Center Using‘Chatbot’ 


Hyosung ITX, Hyosung’s affiliate specializing in IT, plans to commercialize an “intelligent customer service center” in collaboration with Skelter Labs, a leading interactive artificial intelligence (AI) company.

□ MOU signed for the “establishment of a chatbot-based intelligence contact center”
Hyosung ITX signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the establishment of an AI platform-based intelligent contact center with Skelter Labs at the head office in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul in the afternoon on January 30.
With the MOU, Hyosung ITX plans to commercialize a chatbot-based customer service solution by combining xtrmSolution, Hyosung’s self-developed contact center solution, with Skelter Labs’s interactive AI engine.
The intelligent contact center, which features an interactive AI  chatbot service in addition to Hyosung ITX’s existing voice recognition technology, is an extended customer service center that provides a voice service by call center agents as well as direct responses through chatbot.

□ A chatbot enables a customer service system that can provide immediate answers 24/7
The intelligent contact center will be able to respond immediately without wait times to customer inquiries coming in through various channels such as calls or chats. In addition, around-the-clock responses are possible regardless of the work hours of representatives. This solution is expected to increase satisfaction levels significantly in areas where customer service is crucial, such as the public, retail, and communication sectors.
The chatbot can learn the service contents accumulated in the contact center by itself, identify the intention of customers during the chat, and respond in real time. In addition to a voice feature, the interactive interface can provide the most suitable information that meets the various needs of customers, such as images, videos, app links, and others.

□ Synergy created by combining Hyosung ITX’s ‘voice recognition technology’ with AI technology
The intelligent contact center is based on “xtrmSolution” developed by Hyosung ITX in 2017.
xtrmSolution is an intelligent solution that assists customer service with real-time speech-to-text and text analysis technologies. With highly accurate voice recognition rates and customer-specific service analysis, it provides useful information to service agents, such as recommending relevant information automatically and analyzing customers’ emotions, so that they can address customers’ inquiries promptly and properly.
Hyosung ITX CEO Nam Kyung-hwan expressed hope that “the combination of the interactive engine of Skelter Labs which owns situation recognition technology optimized for Korean language and Hyosung ITX’s xtrmSolution based on the experience in operating its contact center will create great synergy. Based on this, we will further provide intelligent customer service solutions tailored to the type and service of customer companies.”