Ethical Management

Honesty and trust is our No.1 management policy.

To maintain the highest standards of integrity, Hyosung has established 'Moral Codes'. Hyosung is serious about its social commitment as a global enterprise citizen.

Complying with Laws & Regulations

Hyosung complies with all laws and has established a code of ethics to serve our commitment to fair and responsible management.

Respecting Customers

With the top priority being customer trust, Hyosung creates fair partnerships with its business partners by providing distinguished levels of quality and service.

Considering Stockholders

Hyosung works for its stockholders' and investors' profits, and always publicly announces its financial performance results.

Respecting Employees

Based on the notion that the most important assets of a company are its employees, Hyosung does its best to establish a corporate culture in which its members can express their creativity freely and remain safe from discrimination.

Social Responsibilities

Hyosung always acts with regard to its social responsibilities using all our resources to win respect with active social contribution activities.

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