Biz (Business Area)

Hyosung will lead your lifestyle into the 21st century.

Hyosung is growing into a leading company in the world based on its excellent technologies and services in various business areas, such as textile/trading, heavy industry/construction, industrial materials, chemicals and IT.
Guided by our management philosophy of ‘Global Excellence’, we endeavor to provide better values for our customers all over the world. We will continue challenging ourselves and innovating while securing and maintaining customer loyalty and trust.

Textile / Trading
  • Hyosung TNC

    Hyosung TNC

    An enterprise leading a global lifestyle pursued by everyone Hyosung TNC is an end-to-end textile maker that finds itself at the forefront of the global textile industry by producing and supplying nylon and polyester yarns and fabrics, and dyed and finished products as well as the global-leading spandex brand ‘creora,’ and also operates as a trading company that connects enterprises and consumers around the world with a focus on steel and chemicals through distribution and logistics.

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Power & Industrial Systems / Construction
  • Hyosung Heavy Industries

    Hyosung Heavy Industries

    An enterprise that is a catalyst in the era of low-carbon green life that allows for both humanity and nature become more sustainable Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems is divided into its heavy industry division which possesses the world’s best technology in heavy electric business and leads the era of low-carbon green life, and also its construction division which helps nurture an environment-friendly housing culture in which both humanity and nature are more sustainable.

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  • Hyosung GOODSPRING Inc.

    Hyosung GOODSPRINGS Inc.

    • Korea’s No.1 pump manufacturer
    • Korea’s No.1 RO desalination system solution provider
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  • Chinhung International, Inc.

    Chinhung International, Inc.

    • Becoming the most reliable construction company on the strength of 50 years of knowhow in building and construction
    • A comprehensive construction company focusing on civil engineering, construction, and residential development
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Industrial Materials
  • Hyosung Advanced Materials

    Hyosung Advanced Materials

    An enterprise that places utmost priority on the safety and happiness of customers by leveraging the most advanced materials possible industrial materials for various usages and leads the market with products such as tire cords and yarns for automotive seat belts and airbags which own the largest share of the global market. It is also developing the future of materials by supplying state-of-the-art materials such as aramid and carbon fiber.

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  • Global Safety Textiles

    Global Safety Textiles

    The world’s leading airbag maker that places utmost priority on safety Global Safety Textiles (GST) produces airbags that protect the lives of passengers. With production sites in all major markets of the world, GST is supplying quality products that customers can trust at the right time, and actively contributing to the growth of the airbag industry by continuously developing products that reflect customer needs.

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  • Hyosung Chemical

    Hyosung Chemical

    An enterprise supplying state-of-the-art original materials possessing the largest share of the domestic market Hyosung Chemical produces various chemical products, such as TPA, which is exported to Asia, Europe and the Middle East, polypropylene (PP), which occupies the largest share of the domestic market, as well as various films and fluorine gas.

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Information & Communication
  • Hyosung TNS Inc.

    Hyosung TNS Inc.

    • Korea’s No. 1 ATM market leader, exporting to more than 30 countries
    • No.1 in the United States and Indonesian ATM markets
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  • Hyosung Information Systems

    Hyosung Information Systems

    • A comprehensive ICT service provider covering both hardware and software
    • Establishment of efficient ICT environment that supports successful business innovation of clients
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  • Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd.

    Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd.

    • Having Big data technology and large-scale IT Infrastructure
    • Provides total business solution from IT Service to Contact Center
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  • Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Professional manufacturer of LED display systems, construction landscape lighting and LED lighting equipment

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  • Galaxia Communications Co., Ltd.

    Galaxia Communications Co., Ltd.

    A leading company in the comprehensive financial platform service sector of the FinTech market

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Other Affiliated Companies
  • The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    • As an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. is guided by its philosophy of being ‘The best or nothing’ (‘Das best oder nicht’).
    • The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. provides stable, unique services that can only come from a large company that has the trust of and investment by Mercedes-Benz
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  • Hyosung Toyota Corporation

    Hyosung Toyota Corporation

    Hyosung Toyota is the official Toyota dealer in Korea, and it boasts the largest accumulated sales record among Korean dealers since its foundation in 2009

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  • The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd. is an official dealer of Toyota Motor Korea, selling Lexus and Toyota cars in the southwestern region of Korea. Lexus provides ‘the pleasure of ownership’ following its mission ‘to make premium cars comparable only to the best in the world.’ Guided by the slogan ‘Experience Amazing,’ it is taking the lead in continuous brand improvement and customer satisfaction

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  • Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Maserati

    Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Maserati

    Official Maserati Importer and Dealer of Korea

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  • Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Ferrari

    Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Ferrari

    Official Ferrari Importer and Dealer of Korea

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  • Hyosung Premier Motors Corporation

    Hyosung Premier Motors Corporation

    Hyosung Premier Motors is the official dealer for Jaguar and Land Rover in Busan, Ulsan, Pohang and Suncheon.

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  • A-Seung Automotive Group

    A-Seung Automotive Group

    A- seung Automotive Group is the sole Korean importer of complete automobiles and tuning parts from world-renowned tuning brands including Brabus, ABT, Tech Art, and AC Schnitze.

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  • Shinwha Intertek Corporation

    Shinwha Intertek Corporation

    The market leader in optical films for LCD BLU

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