40% of the Spandex used in the world's leading sportswear brands use Hyosung’s creora

Product Overview
Spandex is a synthetic textile with the highest added value, and its superior elasticity renders to the best outdoor garments, swimwear, and underwear; but the range of applications for spandex fibers is expanding, including high-end suits and skinny jeans. The brand of spandex made by Hyosung is called 'creora', and it is the spandex brand with the highest market share in the world, renowned for its functionality.
Known as the world's best spandex brand, creora has the highest market share and a strong reputation based on its functionality. With the goal to meet customer expections, creora is not simply a manufacturer or supplier. We organize the 'creora Workshop' in the global market to share fashion trend and product information, and help customers choose better products.
We have dominated the world market through constant research and market expansion, and we meet various customer needs with our wide ranging spandex line. Currently we have production facilities in Korea, China, Vietnam, Turkey, and Brazil to serve customers around the world.