Power Distribution Equipment

Hyosung lights up about 40% of Seoul’s beautiful night skyline

Product Overview
Hyosung had conquered Korea's power distribution equipment industry from its infancy, and with this extensive experience and technology, we are now growing into a stronghold in the world's power market. The key power distribution equipment that Hyosung manufactures are the most crucial parts in controlling and carrying power, such as ultra-high voltage transformers used at substations and switchgears.
Hyosung's power distribution equipment technology is world-renowned. After developing the world's first 800kV ultra-high voltage switchgear in 1999, as well as Korea's first 765kV ultra-high voltage transformer, Hyosung offers some of the finest technology in the world.
Hyosung's advanced technology and quality drew much attention in the US, Europe, China, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, and South American markets.
Furthermore, we are challenging ourselves for the future with smart grids, the next step in intelligent power distribution system.