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Since Hyosung established the first private R&D center affiliated with a corporation in Korea in 1971, the company has developed five of the world’s best products and many other world-class products and brands in textiles, industrial materials, chemicals, power & industrial systems, and information & communication fields, wielding a profound effect on the lives of people.

Globally competitive technical competence, experience in and passion for R&D, and an unquenchable thirst for challenges will enable Hyosung to open up a new world of technology with the spirit of a pioneer.
R&DB Labs
Leading in high-tech research that enriches everyday lives
Power & Industrial
R&D Center
The origin of world-class power machines
Research Center
The global specialist in financial IT solutions and products
Steel Wire
Technical Center
We are continuously making efforts to secure world's best technologies and such fundamental technologies as will be future growth engines
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