Brief History

2000 ~ Present

Through the bold development of foreign markets and by offering world-class quality products, Hyosung has conquered the world in many innovative business areas. Hyosung is now creating a brighter future by expanding its global network and promoting new growth engines.

Signed an MOU with the Linde Group for liquid nitrogen business


Hyosung TNC participates in SaigonTex 2019

Hyosung Heavy Industries participated in GRIDTECH-2019 in New Delhi, India

Hyosung Heavy Industries conducted the sale of Cheongryangri Station Harrington Place

Hyosung Chemical held the 1st shareholders' regular general meeting

The Class Hyosung signed an MoU with Citibank

Hyosung Heavy Industries joined Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet), an alliance of hydrogen charging station businesses

Hyosung TNC participated in 2019 Daegu International Textile Fair (PID, Preview in Daegu)

Changwon Plant received the Plaque of Appreciation from Changwon City for social contribution

Hyosung TNC participated in 2020 S/S Première Vision

Hyosung Chemical held Corporate Day in Singapore and Hong Kong

Hyosung ITX commercialized the AI Chatbot customer service center

Hyosung Heavy Industries won Green Energy awards at Korea Green Car Awards

Hyosung Information Systems Opens Data Center Solution Demonstration Center


Hyosung Advanced Materials established a new tire cord production corporation in Vietnam

Hyosung TNS received a citation from the Mayor of Gangnam-gu for superior volunteer work.

Hyosung ITX established voice recognition counseling support system for CJ Hello.

'Prizma' of Hyosung received 2018 IR52 Jang Yeong-sil Award

The joint IR session Corporate Day was held

Governor Yuan Jia Jin of China's Zhejiang Province visited the head office of the Hyosung Group

Supported the job creation for women and physically disadvantaged persons

The holding company and 4 other companies were spun off

Hyosung R&D Business Labs acquired new technology certification for its brightness enhancement film

Hyosung joined the 2nd Korea-India Business Summit

Hyosung TNS received a citation at Disability Employment Promotion Conference 2018.

Song In-sang was selected as the key individual to be remembered for February.


Received the grand prize in the Multipurpose Building category at Green Construction Industry Awards 2017

Received a 'commendation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups' in Win-Win Growth Week 2017

The Asset Health Management Solution (AHMS) of the Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center received the 'Top 10 Railroad Technologies Award.'

Received the medal of the highest honor from the Korean Red Cross

Selected as a best practice in the 'Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project in 2017'

The technology developed by the R&DB Labs was named the one of the top 14 Industrial Technologies of 2017.

The Power Systems PU won a commendation for contributions to nuclear fusion research from the Minister.

Chairman Cho Hyun-joon was inaugurated.

Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant signed the tripartite CSR agreement.

Changwon Plant attained the highest level in the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency's ‘Win-Win Cooperation Program.’

Hyosung Harrington Square was completed near Gongdeok Station.


The Industrial Machinery Performance PU became the first in Korea to develop the 15MW water-turbine generator.

The Interior PU completed the construction of the Qingdao Plant in China.

Received the grand prize in the science and technology research category at ‘Jung Jin-ki Media-Culture Award’

Received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's award at Green Construction Industry Awards

POK Business Team acquired the automotive quality management system certification.

Hyosung GoodSprings PU received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy's citation.

50th anniversary of Hyosung Group

Received the Prime Minister's citation at Korean National Sharing Awards 2016

Received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy's Climate Week award for ‘its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions’

Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. received the Minister of Gender Equality and Family's award for excellence in Work-Life Balance.

Its operating profit in 2016 exceeded KRW1 trillion and the company subsequently joined the ‘KRW1 trillion Club.’


Opened the company pre-kindergarten in Changwon Factory and Head Office in Mapo.

Selected as ‘The Excellent supporter of Culture and Art’ by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Established ‘Creative Economy Supporting Team’

Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. received the Bronze Towel Order of Industrial Service Merit in recognition of its contribution to job creation.

Hyosung Information System PU became No. 1 in the high-end storage market.

The Mapo headquarters and Changwon Plant opened employer-supported childcare centers.

Signed the MOU for the Baegun Knowledge & Culture Valley urban development project

Signed the MOU for supporting the fostering of industries specialized for Jeollabuk-do

Opened the Carbon Business Incubation Center in Jeonju

Acquired Best Family Friendly Management Certification in 2015


Power Systems PU supplied 100Mvar STATCOM(Static Synchronous Compensator) to Shinsungnam Substation.

Spandex PU acquired the certificate of ISO/TS 29001 for the first time in Korea.

Hyosung GoodSprings completed the largest ‘pump test center’ in the world.

Industrial machinery PU supplied the 1st CNG re-filling center for taxi in the country.

Power Systems PU took the order of substation amounting to US$ 100 million from Algerian Power Authority.

Power Systems PU completed photovoltaic power plant in Mozambique and supplied electric power.

Extended Spandex Factory in Vietnam.

Built Polyketone factory.

Construction sector exceeded Won 1 trillion in order value.

Acquired the certification of HS90 new-recycled energy equipment for wind force generator in 2MW from DEWI-OCC, Germany.

Acquired the international certification for maritime wind force generation system in 5MW for the first time in Korea.

Opened ‘Some Sevit’, the waterside cultural space at Han River.

Established Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center.

Won the prize of 2014 Korea Technical Grand Prize for high performance carbon fiber TANSOME®.


Launched brand of carbon fiber TANSOME®

Industrial machinery PU acquired the certification IECEx Service Facility.

Hyosung R&C Center acquired the certification of hollow fiber membrane, membrane module in pressurized type.

Completed carbon fiber factory in Jeonju.

Participated in industrial innovation movement 3.0 to conclude the agreement of contributing fund for accompanied growth.

Neochem PU won the prize of '2012 Global Preferred Supplier'

Packaging PU launched new beverage products (Jung Foods Vegemil, Green Tea, soybean milk latte, etc)

ESS(Energy Saving System) business won the Prize of ‘2013 Frost & Sullivan Korea Award Products Strategy’

Won the prize of 'Chairman of Health and Welfare Committee in National Assembly' in the 1st Korea Sharing Happiness Social Contribution Prize.

Packaging PU launched new beverage products (2 new products of Aroma of Green Tea and Genuine Corn Hair Tea of Paris Baguette)

Medical service team 'Smile Expedition' enforced service activity in Vietnam Factory(Nhon Trach, Dongnai Province)

Textile PG was selected as 2013 Great Work Place in Korea enforced by KMAC(Korea Management Association Consulting)

Industrial machinery PU concluded the agreement of electric motor of pump for seawater desalination of PJT in the 3rd stage of Yanbu with Dorishima Manufacture in Japan.

Established the 1st Goodwill Store, a social business.

Developed ‘Polyketone’, the new materials of polymer.

Gumi factory acquired the PSM 'P' grade for 2 consecutive years.

Won the prize of Minister of Education in 2013 Korea Educational Donation.

Power Systems PU acquired the certificate of '2013 global top products' for gas insulation switch.

Took the order of ‘membrane water purification system’ for water quality improvement business from Jeollanamdo.

Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU acquired the certificate of internationally circulated carbon labeling.

Yongyeon Factory held groundbreaking ceremony for propylene factory.


Selected as the 'charging system business' of Korea Electric Power Corporation's (KEPCO) EV sharing pilot project

Neochem PU won '2011 Global Most Improved Supplier' award from LINDE in Germany

Power & Industrial Systems PU R&D Center commercialized 1kW dual cell stack for home fuel cells

Industrial Machinery PU signed an agreement with Korea Gas Safety Corporation to obtain IECEx and ATEX for 25 electric motor types

Industrial Machinery PU signed an agreement with Korea Gas Safety Corporation to obtain IECEx and ATEX for 25 electric motor types

Power & Industrial Systems PG signed a contract for electrical power grid construction in Qatar

Power & Industrial Systems PG delivered the first product of its solar inverter

Vietnam Smile Expedition won KPRA Korea PR Awards for its Global PR

Company newsletter <HYOSUNG> won 'Chairman's Prize of Korea Clean Contents National Movement Association' in Company Newsletter of '2012 Korea Communication Awards'

Tire & Industrial Reinforcement Materials PU completed construction of Thailand JV steel cord plant with SEI

Nautilus Hyosung won the '2012 Red Dot Design Award'


Developing the country’s first Carbon Fiber

Built spandex plant in Brazil


Received Tower of Exports Order for $4 Billion in exports (The 47th Annual Trade Day)

Built steel cord plant in Vietnam

Signed contract to build electrical power grid in Qatar

Launched transformer substation construction project in Algeria

Supplied 50MVA STACOM to KEPCO for the first time in Korea


Declared the Hyosung Way

Established Hyosung Toyota Corporation

Received international certification for 2MW and 750kW gear-type wind turbine (DEWI-OCC, Germany)


Built spandex plant in Turkey and Vietnam

Built tire cord plant in Vietnam

Built plant for Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. In China

Built Photovoltaic Power plant in Taean, Chuncheongnam-do


Production started by Neochem PU at Yongyeon Plant.

Started conservation of Kim Gu's refuge historical heritage site in China

Built tire cord plant in Vietnam

Built Photovoltaic power plant in Miryang


Successfully developed Korea's first wind turbine power generation system

Selected as the 'Most Respectable Company' for three consecutive years

Signed $32 billion contract to supply tire cords


Built nylon film plant in Jiaxing, China

Built transformer plant for Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd. in China

Signed long-term contract with Michelin worth $650 million; acquired local plant

Built China's first 750kV transformer substation


Work for the spandex Plant in Zuhai, China completed

Work for the transformer Plant in Baoding, China completed

The Tire Cord Plant in Jiaxing, China completed

Introduced Ion-free, PTT carpet (Interior PU)


Hyosung Steelcord(Qingdao) Co., Ltd was established in Qingdao, China

Boading Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd was established in Huabei Province, China

The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd., an import car sales corporation, was established

Hyosung Spandex(Guangdong) Co., Ltd was established in Guangdong Province, China

Hyosung Film(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in Zhejiang Province, China


Hyosung Computer PU and Hyosung Data System were merged into Nautilus Hyosung Inc

Made a long-term supply contract for tire cords with Michelin


Took over Tele Service


Hyosung Spandex(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in China